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Founded in San Francisco in 2021, we believe in living a life full of joy, love, gratitude, and sharing. My life changed in June. The world needs to know about the healing power of these sacred medicines. 

These feelings inform and guide our core beliefs. We are exploring models to create a regenerative economy rather than a purely extractive one.


I have been working with Mike Margolies (psychsems), who was introduced to me by Izzy from MAPS, on his crypto project for education and advocacy - PEACH.Vision. We met at the Portal community center and that's where I met my colleague Kwasi and we started on this adventure. 


Some models we are looking at:

  • DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

  • Coop - This is a good example of how to do to governance


Mind illuminating guided experiences should be available to the world. At Mindlumen, we want to make it available to anyone that needs it and help the guides and therapists offer their services to all who are genuinely ready to explore their minds. We want to build a giving, regenerative, rather than an extraction economy.

The world needs to know the power of the community to help explore consciousness in a serene setting. Costs should not be a barrier to those seeking or providing healing. 

To learn the "why" behind this project, please listen to the podcast below.

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We want to enable and promote:

  • The open-source development and responsible use of psychedelics

  • Partnership with others to facilitate the growth of responsible guides and therapists.

  • Enabling clients access to medicines in a therapy setting without regard to the costs.

  • Build a platform to enable a frictionless experience for clients and their therapists.

  • Leverage crypto and blockchain technologies to create giving, safe, and secure community ecosystems 

Mindlumen is building a safe, secure, sustainable, ethical, transparent platform for clients, providers, and journey spaces. We can use a DAO or Coop model so everyone contributes and gets compensated based on the value of the contributions to building a regenerative economy. We intend to become a public benefit B corp.

We take the privacy and security of everyone seriously. 

All excess revenues from Mindlumen.Vision will support the non-profit and its programs. We want to build that into the governance model.


To pledge your support or express your desire to be part of this community, please contact us.

Coming soon:  We'll add a donation (standard and crypto) option shortly. Want to start earning LUMENs, contact us to start contributing. Early contributors will be rewarded.

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Disclaimer: We do not sell or promote the sale of illegal substances. 

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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