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Let go of your ego, free your Mind

What is Mindlumen?

It’s a psychedelic experience platform for digitally facilitating connections and handling all the painful logistics for people seeking healing with vetted guides/therapists and journey spaces while protecting the safety and privacy of all concerned. 

Our Vision

The World needs to know about these medicines. We aim to make it painless and frictionless for the explorer, guides/therapists, and journey space providers. The platform facilitates connections between these communities in service of the explorersCosts and friction should not be a barrier to those seeking healing. 

Our Goals

  1. Make it painless for the explorer 

  2. Remove friction for healers so they can focus their energies on the explorers and their experiences.

All excess profits from Mindlumen.Vision, goes to the non-profit to create a regenerative ecosystem of individuals, collectives, and companies

How will we achieve this Vision?

Explorers seeking healing have very different criteria for what they want in a guide/integration therapist - everything from gender and experience of the guide to taste in music and payments. They want a frictionless way to find, filter, select first and then have a frictionless experience from prep thru integration. 

That's the problem we are solving in a safe, secure, pseudonymous way, leveraging crypto and blockchain with a DAO model operating as a distributed digital co-op at scale.

By creating a DAO that operates as a distributed co-op that will live long after we are all gone as a self-sustaining organization with no hierarchical management or leadership structure, like today’s extractive capitalistic model.


To solve the challenges of decision-making in a co-op, we use a DAO governance model that allows for distributed decision-making at speed with tokenization as an economic incentive model. Just because someone has more money or in our case, more tokens, doesn’t mean they should have more power in governance. This is what most traditional crypto companies essentially are. DAO’s allow us to break that mold of centralized decision-making to create a community collective where everyone that contributes value, earns currency ($LUMEN or $MIND). The larger the collective, the better the value and more decentralized the decision-making needs to be, in order to maintain speed and scale, with complete transparency, ownership, and efficient governance.   

Anyone that contributes to the mission and vision, earns tokens. Everyone involved in the community can earn by giving so we can fulfill the collective mission of creating a regenerative economy where everyone has a stake AND is involved in the governance at speed and scale. 

We envision many such DAO collectives that will exist with their own tokens that we can exchange tokens or fiat to use for all kinds of products and services in the psychedelic community and beyond. 

How we can parter with you?

We believe in creating a regenerative economy, where you earn by giving. The extractive model of today hasn't served humanity well. Most organizations operate as authoritarian hierarchies where the community and users aren't the primary beneficiaries. They are used to extract value for the few. In an extractive model, compensation is skewed to be as high as 200 to 300x the lowest paid person, where people talk about "minimum wage" rather than a middle-class living wage. Decision-making is centralized among a few who earn the highest, yet the people who do the work contribute the most and don't have an ownership stake or a voice in the governance of the organization.


Co-ops as DAO's are a way to build the regenerative model in the modern world, however, it is difficult to do at speed and scale. Tools now exist to create distributed digital co-ops with an economic incentive structure to change the way we serve humanity. The psychedelic space is the ideal collective community where this is realized.

Our non-profit programs are designed to recognize and reward individuals, collectives, and companies that contribute to a regenerative economic model. Become a partner that helps build a better, collective, cooperative, regenerative world.