Our Programs

Create and Promote a Regenerative Economy

Natural, Open-Science, Open-Source - Regenerative

A program like organics or cruelty-free. A seal that the community can use to differentiate itself from extractive capitalism. We want to reward individuals and organizations that promote ethical and regenerative capitalism where all share in the ownership, responsibility, and governance. Intellectual property and patents shouldn't be used to stifle sharing and competition. Science and research should be widely shared at low to minimal cost to benefit and grow the psychedelic community. 

The community's commitment to using natural and open-source compounds as medicines in guided therapy offering.The self-funded membership program is based on a sliding scale from individuals to corporations who align with the ethos of creating a giving economy rather than an extracting one. The seal can be used on any digital and promotional material. We hope this will be used by the community to decide who aligns with the shared values of the psychedelic community that we want to grow.

Coming soon: For every $, you'll also receive a % in our LUMEN token. We also accept other crypto tokens

Giving Crypto Fund

Use crypto as currency to supplement payment for therapeutic services and facilitator training.

Using tokens like $LUMEN, Celo, etc to build a social use for cryptocurrencies. The currency can be used for services and traded. Crypto can supplement sliding scale offerings by guides and therapists.We may issue our own token for this purpose

Partnerships - Education, Research, Training, & Public Policy

Help educate the broader public about the benefits of psychedelic use. Support decriminalization and legalization efforts.

We'd like to partner with psychsems, MAPS, Usona, Dr. Bronner, Dr. James Fadiman, Fireside project, Zendo project, Dancesafe, Fentcheck, and the like to advance the education, research, and decriminalization of psychedelics for therapeutic use

There's a lot of material out there. We'll provide curated content from trusted sources for clients and explorers.

Trusted content sources: