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Our Philosophy

Our values and ethos inform our principles. We'll build and run a cooperative community in a way that allows every member of the collective to live a life full of joy, love, gratitude, and sharing where people earn by giving and that's rewarded.  

Adhering to our core principles is how we build a sustainable and regenerative world that benefits humankind without our egos getting in the way. The individual, collectives, and companies that work together can make it happen.

We'll incentivize regenerative models of capitalism and disincentivize extractive models. 

Our Core Principles

These principles are how we intend to operate Mindlumen. We are humans, we'll make mistakes, we'll learn and make changes to continually improve to ensure that we are adhering to our core values and principles. 

Radical Transparency

  • We do our work in the open. The work and transactions live on the public blockchain. 

  • All compensation in tokens is public so everyone knows who's making what

  • All governance rules, proposals are public and voted on by community members

  • If we have employees, all salaries are visible so there's no bias in terms of pay. 

Money is not Power

  • More money/tokens do not mean more voting power. 

  • Community members should be able to make a middle-class living wage in each locale

  • People earn by giving. We don't believe that "volunteerism" should be used to extract free labor


  • Fair compensation means that everyone who contributes to the mission and vision earns tokens

  • Contributions that are of high value to the mission and vision and not the company, is rewarded

  • No one, even if they are the leaders, will make more than 5x to 7x in salary of the lowest-paid person

  • Community leaders token earnings are capped at 5x the supporter/contributor member

  • Decision-making speed requires member ownership stake and distributed/delegated governance


  • Disagreements. It's not a reason to be toxic. Disagree without being disagreeable. 

  • The power and sacredness of the medicine to heal yourself with help from a trusted guide/therapist

  • The indigenous communities that are the true pioneers of medicine work and healing

  • Open science, open nature, open-source as the path to a regenerative future, should be recognized, rewarded, differentiated, and promoted.