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Interview with Plant Media Project

The 2022 kick-off episode of The Vine features tech industry veteran turned psychedelic entrepreneur Neil Gehani, founder of Mindlumen, a digital psychedelic platform that offers support through vetted guides/therapists, and journey spaces in a safe and private space.

After an astounding experience at a music festival near his home in the Bay Area just a few years ago, his life was impacted in an astounding way, and he knew he wanted to support the emerging psychedelic industry. How could he use his knowledge and expertise to help grow and protect the psychedelic movement?

We discuss how we can building a regenerative economy that's community driven with new tools available to us, leveraging crypto, blockchain, and DAOs. We also talk about the policy work we are doing to advance decriminalization of entheogen/psychedelic substances with CA SB519 and AB1400

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